Gary Alter, MD is the innovator & acknowledged leader in botched labiaplasty reconstruction surgery. He  wrote the ONLY medical paper on botched labiaplasty repair - published in the most prestigious plastic surgical journal in the world called “Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery". More Info >>.

Gary Alter, M.D, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and Board Certified Urologist, is widely regarded as the best in class labiaplasty revision and labiaplasty reconstructive surgeon in the world.  Revision labiaplasty (labia minora surgery) corrects botched labiaplasty or labia minora reduction surgery which was previously performed by a labiaplasty surgeon who "botched" up the surgery.  Dr. Gary Alter has been reconstructing & repairing these demanding labia minora deformities since the mid-1990s.  The botched labiaplasty revision specialist performs botched labiaplasty revision surgery in both his Beverly Hills, CA and Manhattan, NYC surgical suites.

Labia reconstruction (also known as “botched labiaplasty surgery”, corrective labiaplasty surgery”, “labiaplasty revision surgery”, “labia revision surgery”, or "cosmetic vaginal reconstruction surgery") is usually a result of unqualified physicians performing the labiaplasty or labia minora reduction but can also be a result of poor cosmetic vaginal surgery techniques.

Over the past two decades, the demand for vaginal reconstruction, such as labia minora reduction, labiaplasty (labioplasty) revision, labia majora reduction, and pubic contouring, has markedly increased.  Most women undergoing labia minora reduction surgery (labiaplasty / labioplasty) are very happy with this plastic surgical procedure.  Dr. Gary Alter has been performing primary labiaplasty surgery and is the inventor of the technique - you can learn more about labiaplasty (labia minora reduction) by visiting  his main website:

However, many unfortunate women are left with outer vaginal deformities due to a botched labiaplasty surgery.  These women are so devastated with their failed labia reduction procedure that they feel mutilated and often have resulting pain and tenderness of the genital region.  They often feel that they have been robbed of their femininity and “womanhood”.  These women may then avoid sexual relationships due to feelings of shame and embarrassment.  These are the women that seek labiaplasty revision to correct their botched labiaplasty.

Unfortunately, complications can occur with any cosmetic vaginal surgery, even if performed by the most careful surgeons.  However, the botched labiaplasty surgery result is frequently caused by the technique used, an inexperienced surgeon, or a surgeon who is not a perfectionist seeking an ideal aesthetic and functional result.  Many surgeons discount the importance of labia minora reduction surgery, so they do not make the effort to learn the expertise necessary to achieve a good result for a labiaplasty.  Many women trust their gynecologists or obstetricians, but these surgeons may not have the proficiency to achieve a successful labiaplasty reduction.  Traditional vaginal reconstruction training problems rarely train physicians to perform a modern labiaplasty surgery or proper cosmetic vaginal surgery.

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Please feel free to contact Beverly Hills / Manhattan Botched Labiaplasty Revison Plastic Surgeon -  Doctor Gary Alter, MD to make an appointment for Surgical Labiaplasty Revision (labia minora revision surgery) / Restoration Labiaplasty to fix your botched labiaplasty surgery at either the Plastic Surgeon's Beverly Hills, California or Manhattan, New York City Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery Center.

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