Addressing Botched Labiaplasties Head On

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It’s estimated that roughly a thousand women a year experience a botched labiaplasty, and those numbers are only expected to climb as the rate of labiaplasties performed worldwide continue to rise. The leading causes of botched labiaplasties come down to surgical error and lack of specified surgical skills on behalf of the surgeon. Sometimes it’s the case of a difficult anatomy and other times it’s due to the patient not following post-op care. 

What Exactly is a Botched Labiaplasty?

When a labiaplasty goes wrong, women are left with less than ideal results. For Dr. Alter, nearly 40% of all labiaplasty he has performed have been reconstructive labiaplasties as a result of a previously botched labiaplasty. That’s a daunting number to be sure.  

Typically, in a botched labiaplasty the surgeon has unskillfully removed the extra tissue causing either painful scarring or no sensation at all. Often, they remove too much labia resulting in a total amputation with extra hood tissue hanging from the top that leaves women feeling mutilated. 

Unfortunately, when surgeons remove too much labia tissue it can be very difficult for more experienced surgeons, like Dr. Alter, to repair the damage done. That’s why it is extremely important to research perspective surgeons before trusting them with your labiaplasty. The time to get a labiaplasty as perfect as possible is in the first go. Financial reasons should not overshadow the importance of expertise and hands-on experience.

When is Revision or Reconstruction on Option?

If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, lack of sensation, struggling to orgasm, and are overall displeased with the aesthetic outcome of your previous labiaplasty then you should consider contacting an experienced surgeon like Dr. Alter with a long history of revisiting and repairing botched labiaplasties.

Ideally, the revision required post-original labia reduction would be minimal, and you may consider using your previous surgeon for the touchups. But sometimes that’s not the right decision and a new perspective and expertise is warranted. In that case, it’s imperative that you find a surgeon who has the skill to do the job. In his experience, Dr. Alter has found that the typical gynecologist does not have the specific training in cosmetic techniques necessary to do labiaplasties in a way that delivers optimal aesthetic outcomes.

How Long Should I Wait After a Botched Labiaplasty?

Dr. Alter advises anyone who has just undergone a labiaplasty to relax and chill for the first six weeks. Easier said than done, but this part is crucial. Because post-labiaplasty your genitals are not going to look or feel fantastic for a while. You need to give your body time to heal and stressing out about the results so early in the healing process will only do more harm than good.

After about six weeks, you should have a better idea of whether your labiaplasty was a success or not. If you are unfortunate to have experienced a botched labiaplasty, Dr. Alter and any well-skilled plastic surgeon with specific training in vulvovaginal aesthetics will tell you that no revision or reconstruction surgery should be attempted until ~4-6 months post-botched labiaplasty. Everybody heals at different rates and it’s important that no attempts to fix a botched labiaplasty takes place until everything is healed. You really only have one more chance to get it right and you want to make sure you get it right this time around. 

Preventing a Botched Labiaplasty Is Always Your Best Bet

Dr. Alter has heard it time and time before. Patients go into their labiaplasty assuming that the surgeon who is performing their labia reduction has the knowledge and expertise to pull off a flawless labiaplasty. They went to medical school after all and are well-trained, respectful M.D.s. But like most professions, not all surgeons are qualified to perform labiaplasties. 

Other women base their decision on whomever offers the cheapest option, but like the saying goes you get what you pay for. And entrusting your labiaplasty to the cheapest surgeon will almost always end up costing you way more in the end. Remember, your vaginal health and overall wellbeing are at stake here.

The best way to avoid a botched labiaplasty is to do you due diligence and find a surgeon who has done many labiaplasties and has a very high success rate. Look for a surgeon who is well versed in the various techniques available to labiaplasty surgeons. And, most importantly, ask questions. Know precisely what will be done before it’s done and how much they will take off and where. Educate yourself on the anatomy of your vagina and what the possible side effects might be. Even the greatest labiaplasty surgeon can make a mistake so it’s best that you know precisely what you are getting into so you can weigh your options before it’s too late. Like the other adage goes, once something is removed it’s harder than heck to get it back.

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