An Urgent Warning About Labiaplasty: Choose Your Surgeon Wisely!

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As labiaplasty becomes increasingly popular, more women feel empowered to seek reconstructive surgery to enhance the appearance of their labia minora, improving confidence and body positivity.

Unfortunately, as the procedure gains popularity, more under-qualified providers are performing labiaplasty surgery, resulting in botched surgeries and undesirable results.

If you’ve had a botched labiaplasty, there is hope. A well-qualified plastic surgeon can repair your labiaplasty and achieve the desired results.

What Is Corrective Labiaplasty?

Many women turn to labiaplasty to improve the look of the labia and feel more confident in their bodies. Done correctly, labiaplasty minimizes the size of the labia, creates an even balance between labia of differing sizes, and makes the labia more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

However, when done incorrectly or by a surgeon without proper experience and knowledge in the area, labiaplasty may result in more significant issues.

Corrective labiaplasty may be necessary if you experience any of these issues after your first or subsequent labiaplasty procedures:

  • Excessive scarring on the labia or the edge of the tissue is uneven or “scalloped”
  • Too much of the labia was removed
  • One labium was trimmed more than the other, resulting in an uneven appearance
  • One or both labium were completely removed

Labiaplasty is an incredibly delicate and advanced surgical procedure, so if done incorrectly or without proper skill, you may be left in a worse condition.

While it may be intimidating to jump back in, correcting the errors of the first procedure is possible when you choose the right plastic surgeon.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

The next step will be to choose your surgeon — and you should seek the best care possible. Labiaplasty and corrective labiaplasty are complex procedures, and many surgeons don’t have the experience or specialization to do it properly.

Your surgeon must have the extensive knowledge and experience that corrective labiaplasty requires, as this procedure is even more challenging than a primary labiaplasty. You deserve the best care possible — especially if you have had a negative experience in the past.

Dr. Alter is a rare combination of being both a board-certified plastic surgeon and urologist, and he has used this dual specialization to become a leader in female genital aesthetic surgery. Combining his knowledge of specific plastic surgical skills with his knowledge of genitalia from his urological training, Dr. Alter has developed revolutionary techniques in labiaplasty and female genital surgical procedures.

How Can Corrective Labiaplasty Help?

Depending on your needs, Dr. Alter has created many techniques for reconstructing missing or misshapen labia.

For gaps in an overly removed labium, the gap can be cut out, and the remaining tissue brought together for a more even, cohesive surface.

To fix scarred or scalloped edges, the area is partially removed or can be accurately sutured.

If a large area was removed, or if one or both labia are absent, Dr. Alter can often make new labia out of tissue from the clitoral hood.

All of these procedures are done with care and with the benefit of Dr. Alter’s decades of experience in female genital reconstruction. Each woman is unique, so consultation is integral to determining your specific needs and which technique is best for you.

Take a look at Dr. Alter’s many testimonials to see for yourself the joy and satisfaction he brings his patients.

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