How Can Labia Reconstruction Contribute to Your Physical Comfort?

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Botched labiaplasties do a lot of harm emotionally; however, it can also lead to significant physical discomfort.

Sadly, many women with less-than-perfect labiaplasties experience pain from extensive scars or discomfort when wearing tight clothes or performing certain activities, such as riding bikes or having sexual intercourse. Often, they are left with more pain than they started with. Labia reconstructive surgery can ease most or all of the physical discomforts that resulted from an initial botched labiaplasty.

1. The Reduction of Labium Scars

Botched labiaplasties (which more commonly occur from using the trim method) often result in long, painful scars that can make normal daily activities uncomfortable. Dr. Alter can reduce the physical and emotional discomfort from labiaplasty scars by performing labia reconstructive surgery. These techniques restore comfort by removing the scarred or scalloped labium and then repairing or replacing the defect with normal tissue.

2. Tissue Reconstruction

The over-resection of labia minora tissue can result in physical irritation and pain when wearing clothing, having sex, or exercising, because the remaining tissue is tender or distorted. While tissue cannot grow back, Dr. Alter can essentially create new labia minora tissue by repositioning tissue from the clitoral hood. This technique does not risk nerve injury, because the clitoris itself is not touched or involved.

3. The Reduction of the Clitoral Hood

After a botched labiaplasty, you may experience a large, hanging clitoral hood. This can be extremely uncomfortable, because the hood or hanging ends can rub against clothing, causing irritation and discomfort. During labiaplasty revision surgery, Dr. Alter can reattach the hanging clitoral hood to a normal, comfortable position. He can also reposition the clitoris and remove any excess skin.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Alter for My Labiaplasty Revision Surgery?

After experiencing the negative effects of a botched labiaplasty, you may be hesitant to undergo labiaplasty revision surgery. This is understandable. However, Dr. Alter understands the physical and emotional effects of a botched labiaplasty. In order to prevent this, he invented the central wedge labiaplasty, which is rarely used skillfully by gynecologists and most plastic surgeons. This technique prevents over-removal of the labia minora, maintains the normal labial edge and appearance, and avoids significant physical discomfort. It also allows reduction of excess skin on the sides of the clitoral hood without leaving noticeable, painful scars.

When it comes to labiaplasty revision surgery, Dr. Alter has spent many years developing techniques to reconstruct labia minora and clitoral hood deformities. In fact, 40 percent of his labiaplasty surgeries are reconstructions of botched labiaplasties from other surgeons. When performed using Dr. Alter’s techniques, labia reconstruction surgery is rarely as painful as your initial labiaplasty surgery. The skeptical patient is usually happily surprised by the easy recovery.

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