How Can You Restore Tissue That Has Been Removed During a Botched Labiaplasty?

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Unfortunately, far too many women have had to suffer the traumatizing effects of a botched labiaplasty. A botched labiaplasty can significantly decrease a woman’s confidence in her own body and lead to pain and discomfort during normal daily activities.

Dr. Alter specializes in labiaplasty revision surgery to take away the pain of a failed surgery and provide women with the results they have always dreamed of.

A labiaplasty revision often needs to be performed because the initial surgeon removed too much tissue (from one or both labium). Unfortunately, tissue cannot regrow itself after being removed.

The reconstruction can be done by rearranging the remaining tissue or using unneeded tissue from the clitoral hood. Dr. Alter created this revolutionary technique of using clitoral hood tissue to replace and “restore” the removed labium over 10 years ago to help the numerous women he saw who underwent botched labiaplasties.

If you are suffering from the effects of a botched labiaplasty, Dr. Alter may be able to help.

What Are the Benefits of Using Clitoral Hood Tissue to Replace Labial Tissue?

Increased Comfort

Removing too much labial tissue can lead to long scars that are extremely painful. In addition to correcting the labial appearance, many women seek labiaplasty revision surgery to reduce the pain from their initial surgery. Revision labiaplasty can eliminate or significantly reduce the pain from past scarring. This can make performing normal daily activities, wearing tight clothes, having sexual intercourse, and exercising more comfortable.

No Risk of Nerve Injury or Decrease in Sensation

Dr. Alter essentially creates new labial tissue by repositioning tissue from the clitoral hood. Many women are hesitant to undergo this surgery because they believe it can eliminate or decrease sexual pleasure. Since the clitoris itself is not sutured or traumatized, there is no risk of nerve injury or decreased sensation.

Why Choose Dr. Alter?

40 percent of Dr. Alter’s female genital surgery patients are seeking labiaplasty revision surgery. Since such a high number of his patients have experienced the effects of a botched labiaplasty, he understands the frustration and emotional distress this can cause.

Dr. Alter developed the technique of restoring labial tissue using clitoral tissue to provide his patients with a more comfortable and attractive vulva. By choosing Dr. Alter for your female genital surgery, you can feel assured that your comfort and safety will be his first priority.

Interested in Learning More?

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