How Do You Know if Labiaplasty Revision Is Right for You?

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Before undergoing any surgery, it is important to know if you will benefit from it. Undergoing plastic surgery can be expensive and time-consuming, and it is best not to waste your time and money if the procedure is not suitable for you.

Understanding the risks and benefits of labiaplasty revision surgery can help you determine if it is a surgery you are ready to have.

Why Do Women Undergo Labiaplasty Revision?

Unfortunately, due to specific surgical techniques and lack of expertise, botched labiaplasties are extremely common. Women undergo labiaplasty to correct elongated labia minora that are uncomfortable and painful during many daily activities and visible in tight clothing.

However, botched labiaplasty often leaves the woman in worse condition than before. Women undergo labiaplasty revision to correct the problems caused by their initial labiaplasty and to achieve attractive, comfortable labia minora.

Women who have a negative experience during their initial labiaplasty procedure are often hesitant to undergo revision due to fear of receiving less-than-par or even bad results for the second time.

Dr. Alter understands your reluctance to undergo revision surgery and will work to ensure your experience is comfortable. He also uses different surgical techniques, based on the extent of correction needed, to provide patients with the results they have always wanted.

Dr. Alter is not only well-experienced in labiaplasty revision but also pioneered and invented many of the techniques used widely today. This is experience you can trust!

How Can a Botched Labiaplasty Be Harmful?

Labiaplasty surgery is a major procedure that requires an extensive recovery. It can be frustrating for women when they are unhappy with their results after spending a significant amount of time and money.

Many women who undergo labiaplasty surgery experience pain and discomfort in their normal life. Botched labiaplasties often leave women in even more pain than before. A labiaplasty can be “botched” when the surgeon removes too much or not enough tissue. Since tissue cannot be regrown, you may feel hopeless when your surgeon trimmed too much.

During labiaplasty revision surgery, Dr. Alter can often restore tissue that has been removed during a botched labiaplasty by rearranging the remaining tissue or taking unnecessary excess tissue from the clitoral hood.

How Can Labiaplasty Revision Improve Daily Living?

When performed correctly, labiaplasty revision surgery can improve a woman’s daily life drastically. A successful labiaplasty revision allows women to wear whatever clothing they want while feeling confident and comfortable. Labiaplasty revision can also increase a woman’s sexual confidence, allowing her to have more self-esteem during sexual intimacy with a partner.

Interested in Learning More About Labiaplasty Revision?

If you are suffering from the results of a botched labiaplasty, you are not alone, and Dr. Alter is here to help. To learn more about how you can benefit from labiaplasty revision surgery, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Alter by calling 310-275-5566 or filling out our online contact form.