Are You Afraid of Sexual Intimacy After a Botched Labiaplasty?

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Women turn to labiaplasty surgery for many reasons, both physical and emotional. On the physical side, labiaplasty removes excess or stretched labia minora tissue that cause discomfort and chafing in tight clothing (such as yoga pants or bikinis) and makes exercising (such as cycling) challenging or painful.

On the emotional side, labiaplasty can help restore confidence, both confidence in your self-image and sexual confidence. While labiaplasty doesn’t directly impact sexual sensation, it can do wonders for your self-esteem and give you the confidence to allow another person to see all of you, including your vulva.

Unfortunately, a botched labiaplasty usually leaves the vulva region looking worse than it did initially—not to mention uncomfortable. Therefore, it goes without saying that if you were nervous about intimacy due to your labia appearance before your initial labiaplasty, that issue is not going to resolve after a botched labiaplasty.

Here are some benefits of revision labiaplasty surgery.

What Are the Physical Benefits of Labiaplasty Revision?

  1. Less Pain During Sex

    While there are several misconceptions out there that claim labiaplasty leads to an increased sexual sensation, there is no physical evidence to support that claim. However, that doesn’t mean that labiaplasty and revision labiaplasty doesn’t contribute to an improved sexual experience.

    Most botched labiaplasties result in long, painful scars and the over-resection of tissue. These unfortunate results cause discomfort during most physical activities—including sex.

    Labiaplasty revision surgery eliminates or markedly reduces the painful scars and reverses the over-resection of tissue (by borrowing tissue from the clitoral hood) to provide you with more comfortable and natural labia minora.

    So, in truth, while revision labiaplasty doesn’t increase stimulation, it is reducing pain, which will obviously result in a more pleasurable experience.

  2. Aesthetically Pleasing Labia

    Many women seek genital reconstructive surgery to improve the physical appearance of their labia. Natural aging, childbirth, and weight fluctuation can all affect the look of your labia. However, a botched labiaplasty often leaves the labia looking worse than they were initially.

    Revision labiaplasty works to provide patients with youthful-looking labia that they can feel confident with, especially in front of their sexual partners.

What Are the Emotional Benefits of Revision Labiaplasty?

  1. Increased Self-Confidence

    Labiaplasty is supposed to provide women with the confidence to feel beautiful in their skin, whether alone or in front of their partner. However, a botched labiaplasty can cause a woman to feel ashamed of her body, which can significantly harm her self confidence to the point where she may not wish to be seen by her partner.

    Revision labiaplasty can give a woman her confidence back by providing her with the results she can feel good about.

  2. Increased Emotional Well-Being

    Labiaplasty is a major procedure that requires preparation, time, and money. It can be discouraging when the results are not as expected or promised.

    Revision labiaplasty can improve a woman’s emotional well-being by providing her with the results she expected from her last surgery. This surgery can help improve many aspects of life, including sexual intimacy.

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