Does Labiaplasty Revision Affect Sensitivity?

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Patients in need of labiaplasty revision may be hesitant to undergo a second surgery after an unsuccessful initial labiaplasty.

They may be wondering: Will my labiaplasty revision make sex more painful? Or, will my sensitivity be affected?

Dr. Alter understands your concerns and wants to put your mind at ease.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that labiaplasty (and therefore labiaplasty revision) is not a surgery performed to impact sensitivity unless extremely large labia interfere with clitoral exposure. It is performed to adjust the labia minora, making everyday life more comfortable and enjoyable. It is also performed to enhance the aesthetics of the labia minora.

Labiaplasty and revision labiaplasty are not performed to increase sexual pleasure (even though they can decrease pain during sex if the size or shape of the labia or scars from an initial labiaplasty are interfering and causing discomfort).

Can Labiaplasty Revision Improve Sensitivity?

The purpose of labiaplasty revision is to further reduce, reconstruct, or adjust the size of the labia minora or scars on the labia minora after an initial labiaplasty procedure, making normal daily activities more comfortable.

Unfortunately, labiaplasty revision will not increase your sensitivity during sex,. However, it can indirectly make sex more enjoyable because it can decrease the pain experienced after a botched labiaplasty.

Patients with an enlarged labia minora (or damaged labia after a botched procedure) often experience pain while exercising and even walking. If these simple activities are painful, imagine what sex must feel like.

While women with an enlarged labia minora may feel pain during sex, the discomfort can worsen after a botched labiaplasty. Botched labiaplasties often result in over-resection, which can cause nerve damage, making it more difficult to feel sexual pleasure.

If you experience excruciating pain during sexual activity, labiaplasty revision may be able to help. By safely and effectively reducing the size of the labia minora or eliminating abnormal, painful scar tissue, women can feel more confident and have pleasurable sex.

Can Labiaplasty Revision Decrease Sensitivity?

During labiaplasty revision surgery, Dr. Alter does not make changes to the clitoris, also known as the pleasure center. Because of this, there is no risk of damaging the nerves or decreasing sensitivity.

You will notice that sensitivity is neither increased nor decreased after labiaplasty revision.

What Procedures Can Increase Sensation?

Many women struggle to feel sensation and pleasure during sex but cannot figure out why. Just because labiaplasty and labiaplasty revision do not increase sensation during sex does not mean other procedures can’t.

Many women have an enlarged clitoral hood, which can block and prevent the area from being stimulated. Reducing the size of the clitoral hood exposes the clitoris, making it easier to feel and experience sexual sensation.

All women deserve to enjoy sex with their partner, which can be difficult if they are experiencing pain or lack of sensation.

Interested in Learning More?

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