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Dr. Alter is widely hailed as the preeminent leader in labia reconstruction and cosmetic vaginal surgery. Board Certified in both Plastic Surgeon and Urology, Dr. Alter uses many sophisticated plastic surgical principles, which are taught to plastic surgeons during their extensive training on how to perform a botched labiaplasty repair surgery. Gynecologists and urologists are not taught these surgical and anatomic skills. Dr. Alter took these skills from his plastic surgical training and added them to his knowledge of genitalia from his urological training to invent multiple cosmetic vaginal surgery techniques to reconstruct botched labiaplasties. In the mid- 1990s, Dr. Alter invented the central wedge or Alter “V” labiaplasty procedure, which is widely hailed as the best technique for labiaplasty surgery (labia minora surgery). Dr. Alter has patients from around the world seeking his expert surgical technique for labia and clitoral hood reduction and for botched labia repair reconstruction.

Yes. Dr. Alter performs primary labia minora reduction (labiaplasty surgery) at both his NYC and Beverly Hill surgical centers. Visit Dr. Alter M.D. for more information.

The final result of the labia reconstruction surgery depends on multiple factors. Usually, the labiaplasty reconstruction surgery is better if you still have considerable labia and clitoral tissue remaining. This gives the plastic surgeon more tissue to use to create an improved and normal appearance. However, Dr. Alter can still do remarkable labiaplasty (labia minora) reconstructions even with minimal labia minora and clitoral hood present. Fixing botched labiaplasties with restoration labiaplasty surgery by a plastic surgeon well-trained in the various labia restoration techniques can usually make the genital area look quite normal, so that you will no longer be self-conscious.

Shortly after a failed labiaplasty, most women usually have severe anxiety and wish immediate correction. However, it takes time for the swelling to go down and for the blood supply to revitalize the tissues. Often, the appearance of the genital region looks better with time. Dr. Alter will usually require you to wait at least five months from the botched labiaplasty prior to reconstruction. A premature surgery with removal or destruction of the remaining tissue may eliminate any chance for me to perform a successful reconstruction. In the meantime, I can evaluate your situation and give you a good idea of the probable reconstruction.

If you only have one labium, Dr. Alter can usually match it by creating another labium out of the portion of the remaining clitoral hood. Dr. Alter invented this cosmetic vaginal surgery tissue-moving operation about five years ago, because he has seen (and successfully treated) so many botched labiaplasties. The success rate is extremely high, and no failures with this sophisticated procedure have been noted.

The length of the Surgical Labiaplasty Revision or Labiaplasty Reconstruction surgery depends on your vaginal deformity and the required labiaplasty. The labiaplasty reconstruction surgery can take as little as an hour or as long as 4-5 hours. The cosmetic vaginal surgery revision of a botched labiaplasty is much more difficult than the initial labia reduction, so the time of labiaplasty reconstruction surgery may be much longer. The important decision is choosing the correct labiaplasty reconstruction surgery and the best plastic surgeon with the skills to fix your botched labiaplasty surgery. Length of surgery should not inform this decision.

Most of the painful areas after a labiaplasty are due to tender scars. Most vaginal reconstruction (labiaplasties performed by other surgeons or unskilled doctors) are performed by trimming the entire labial edge with a scalpel, scissors, or laser. Therefore, the entire labial edge is a scar. Hence why there is a much higher change of painful scars with these techniques in contrast to the Alter “wedge” technique. With labiaplasty reconstruction, Dr. Alter can almost always remove the painful scars with his sophisticated labiaplasty revision surgical techniques and eliminate the pain.

It might be hard to believe this, but the labiaplasty repair reconstruction is usually only mildly painful. If your previous labiaplasty was performed by the trimming technique, like most women you likely experienced a prolonged period of pain. This rarely, if ever, happens with Dr. Alter’s vaginal labia reconstructions. Most women return to work in 3-4 days with only mild discomfort reported.

You need to apply ice and antibiotic ointment for two days. You can shower the first day after surgery. There are no catheters, requirements for baths, or wound care. After two days, there is nothing to do except to heal with mild discomfort. The sutures dissolve. You can resume exercise in a month and sexual intercourse in six weeks.

The cost of vaginal reconstruction varies depending on what needs to be done. Fortunately, insurance will often cover part of the botched labiaplasty repair expense, because the surgery is a reconstruction of a normal body part and not cosmetic. Oftentimes, a PPO will even cover the cost to fix your botched labiaplasty, because the PPO often recognizes Dr. Alter’s unique skills and qualifications. Our staff will negotiate directly with the insurance company or PPO on your behalf to try to get your surgery approved. We also work with several finance companies.

Yes, in most cases even if it is not genital related. Dr. Alter often perform breast augmentation or liposuction at the same time as the reconstructive surgery. Visit Dr. Alter’s site for more information.

We encourage you and out-of-town patients seeking cosmetic vaginal surgery to email photos to [email protected] We will then do a phone consultation to discuss your specific situation and needs. We will assist you in finding lodging, etc. Dr. Alter will see you on the day before your surgery and will discuss the surgical plan in depth and usually show photos of vaginal reconstruction procedures on similar patients. Usually, you can return home on the third or fourth day after surgery. Any later questions can be handled by phone and/or email correspondence.

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