How Much Will My Labiaplasty Revision Cost in Los Angeles?

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Before undergoing plastic surgery, everyone has the same initial question: How much will it cost?

In life, we consider money before doing anything. It would just make sense that the same goes for plastic surgery, specifically labiaplasty revision surgery. The cost of labiaplasty revision is one of the most commonly searched questions regarding the secondary surgery. Everyone wants to know how much their procedure will be before deciding if it is something to pursue.

However, cost is only one of many factors determining your choice of surgeons. If cost is your only factor, then you are probably setting yourself up for a poor outcome that will affect you for the rest of your life.

Before knowing how much you will pay for the procedure, it is important to understand the factors that contribute to the overall cost.

Table of Contents:

What Contributes to the Cost of Labiaplasty Revision Surgery?
The Surgeon’s Skill
Surgical Techniques
Facility Fees
Anesthesia Fees
The Procedure’s Location
How Do I Know How Much My Labiaplasty Revision Will Cost?

What Contributes to the Cost of Labiaplasty Revision Surgery?

Labiaplasty revision surgery cost is broken down into many parts.

1. The Surgeon’s Skill

Cost is often influenced by the unique skills of the surgeon. A surgeon with years of experience performing successful, innovative procedures is usually higher than that of a novice surgeon with little experience and training.

The cost is not just for the immediate time of the operation but for all the years taken to obtain knowledge and expertise.

The variations in skills between surgeons is even greater in revision surgery than in primary labiaplasty surgery.

2. Surgical Techniques

Labiaplasty revision surgery is a procedure that must be customized to your specific needs. Many women seek labiaplasty revision after having their initial labiaplasty botched by their previous plastic surgeon, gynecologist, or urologist..

Depending on exactly what needs to be revised, Dr. Alter will create a personalized surgical plan to provide you with your ideal results. The cost will depend on the surgical techniques used and how long it takes to perform the procedure.

3. Facility Fees

Plastic surgeons perform their surgeries in various facilities. Some perform them in their own surgery centers, while others perform their surgeries in hospital operating rooms. The price of your labiaplasty revision can be influenced by where the procedure is performed.

4. Anesthesia Fees

There are a few anesthesia options available for labiaplasty revision surgery. Surgeons use general anesthesia, local anesthesia, or IV sedation to allow for a painless procedure.

Your anesthesia option will likely depend on your health and needs for the procedure. Additionally, anesthesia often requires an anesthesiologist to be present during the surgery. Since all of these anesthesia options have different prices, your labiaplasty revision surgery cost will depend on which one is used.

5. The Procedure’s Location

The cost for a procedure can vary depending on the location partly due to the baseline overhead. For example, a labiaplasty revision in a small town in Texas may cost vastly different than a labiaplasty revision in Beverly Hills, California.

You should look up online the average cost of the surgery in your city to get a more specific estimate of how much you may pay. However, there may not be a skilled revision surgeon in your city to provide a guide.

6. Medications

Some procedures require prescription medications to purchase and take after the surgery. However, the cost of these medications is usually minor.

How Do I Know How Much My Labiaplasty Revision Will Cost?

The only way to know how much your labiaplasty revision surgery will cost is to ask your surgeon. Your surgeon will likely give you an estimated cost at your initial consultation after creating your surgical plan.

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