How Soon After Labiaplasty Surgery Can I Undergo Revision?

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Sometimes, there are unforeseen variables in plastic surgery that can lead to unsatisfactory results. Poor outcomes with your initial labiaplasty can leave you with complications and undesirable results that fail to reduce the size of the labia or, worst-case scenario, remove too much.

Labiaplasty revision surgery due to a botched labiaplasty is something patients consider in an attempt to improve comfort and achieve better, more aesthetically pleasing results.

How Long Should I Wait for My Labiaplasty Revision Surgery?

If you have previously undergone labiaplasty and are unhappy with the results, you might wonder how soon you can have a revision done. Often, a failed labiaplasty can cause significant anxiety, making you seek immediate correction.

However, an ideal candidate will need to have fully recovered from the first labiaplasty surgery.

Exact recovery timelines differ from woman to woman depending on age, healing capability, the surgeon’s skill, and the extent of the procedure performed. More extensive procedures, like the central wedge technique that Dr. Alter created, take more time to heal.

On average, patients will be advised to wait about five to six months to give the body enough time to fully recover before undergoing a revision.

Often, the shape and consistency of the labia will continue to change until full recovery is attained, so it is important to wait for a while for the swelling to go down and for the blood supply to revitalize the tissues. Rushing to have a revision done too soon can result in the destruction of the remaining tissue, eliminating any chance for a successful reconstruction.

Preparing for a Labiaplasty Revision Surgery

Choosing the right surgeon is important in revision operations. Aesthetic vaginal surgery can be a complex surgery. To achieve your ideal outcome, it is imperative to have the procedure performed by a qualified plastic surgeon with a specialty in genital surgery.

Failure to do so can lead to undesirable results that appear significantly worse.

With extensive experience in genital reconstruction, Dr. Alter is considered a leading plastic surgeon in this specialty, having pioneered sophisticated and complex techniques to repair a botched labiaplasty using tissue from the clitoral hood.

He has helped many women with less than desirable labiaplasty results reclaim the aesthetic and function of their genitalia. Following a proper evaluation, Dr. Alter will develop a customized treatment plan designed to bring the genital area back to better symmetry—balanced, even, and comfortable.

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