Labiaplasty: What Some Plastic Surgeons Don’t Want You to Know

A woman in white undergarments is shown holding a white flower against her vaginal area.

If you’re considering labiaplasty surgery or have already had the procedure, you may agree that the decision to undergo genital surgery is not always easy.

This difficulty may be because while vaginal rejuvenation procedures have been around since the mid-to-late 1990s, they are relatively new compared to other plastic surgeries.

The truth is that when vaginal surgeries like labiaplasty are performed by a skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, it can considerably improve the quality of life.

How The Vagina Monologues Changed Feminine Wellness

It took a while for most women to become comfortable with the idea of vaginal rejuvenation surgery when it first became an option. However, the timing couldn’t have been better, as a bold new performance piece was taking The United States, and then the world, by storm; it was called “The Vagina Monologues.”

As the turn of the century approached, women felt more empowered to take control of their feminine health. Many began seeking out the handful of doctors qualified to perform labiaplasty for help with cosmetic and functional concerns related to large labia minora (inner vaginal lips).

What You Need to Know About the Labiaplasty Bandwagon

As the popularity of labiaplasty continued to grow, many cosmetic surgeons and gynecologists with minimal training began adding labiaplasty to their menu of services.

Unfortunately, many of these doctors only perform the procedure on rare occasions (casual labiaplasty providers) and don’t get the experience needed to master techniques that produce the best results consistently.

Instead, labiaplasty revision has become a specialty, and these surgeons are seeing a lot of patients who are unhappy or experiencing significant discomfort because of a botched labiaplasty.

Now That You Know the Truth About Labiaplasty…

The following tips can help you find a qualified plastic surgeon for your labiaplasty and let you know what to do if you’ve already had the procedure and are unhappy with your results for any reason.

Finding a Plastic Surgeon for Your Labiaplasty

If you haven’t yet undergone a labiaplasty, follow these tips:

  • Always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon.
  • Check their website and what they have to say about their experience with labiaplasty surgery.
  • Don’t base your decision on the cost, as less experienced doctors often offer lower prices.
  • If there are no qualified plastic surgeons in your area, strongly consider traveling to a board-certified plastic surgeon who is highly skilled and experienced in performing labiaplasty surgery.
  • When you schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who seems to have the necessary skill and experience, don’t be afraid to ask them how often they perform labiaplasties and the techniques they’re familiar with. They should understand both the trim and wedge methods.

Dealing With Unsatisfactory Labiaplasty Results

If you are suffering from a botched labiaplasty, don’t go back to the same surgeon unless they are well-qualified and you know that your poor results were caused by the following:

  • Non-compliance with post-operative instructions
  • Complications related to tobacco use before the surgery or during recovery
  • Engaging in sexual intercourse too soon
  • An unforeseeable injury or infection

In most cases, it’s best to seek a reputable labiaplasty revision specialist to correct your botched labiaplasty.

World-Renown Labiaplasty and Labiaplasty Revision Specialist in Beverly Hills, CA

When it comes to labiaplasty and labiaplasty revision surgery, finding a more skilled or experienced specialist than Dr. Gary Alter would certainly be a challenge.

Dr. Alter is certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Urology and thoroughly understands the intricacies of genital anatomy and aesthetics while being a pioneer in vaginal reconstruction techniques. He invented the central wedge labiaplasty in the mid-1990’s and has done thousands of them.

Dr. Alter has also been reconstructing botched labiaplasties performed by other doctors, and has published the only medical paper on new reconstruction techniques in the most prestigious medical journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery over 10 years ago.

Call (310) 275-5566 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Alter in Beverly Hills, California, to learn more about your labiaplasty or labiaplasty revision options. If you have more questions about this procedure, visit our labiaplasty revision FAQ.

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